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Lavina Bond

"You're a writer! It's who you are! I knew it the first time we talked." ~ Dana King, principal Millbrook High School

"Several circumstances in It's Just Broken are so not normal, but the way Lavina writes those, those are completely normal for these characters. That is the gift she has with writing: her characterization that makes you feel like you completely understand each and every one of her characters." ~ Beth Keefer, English Teacher

"Your writing is very raw and real. I can tell you put your soul into your writing. The amount of emotion put in is shown, and it does help the reader connect with the characters, which is hard to do I think." ~ Kasey Vandenboom, my student, my artist. With how authentic my characters are, they deserved the authentic art Kasey offered to them.

Running excitedly into my classroom after finishing reading Echoing Silence, "I've never read a book like that before!" ~ Caitlin Stewart. Her review of Echoing Silence on the site to buy the book: Never have I ever read such an outstanding book. Knowing the author personally only makes it even more interesting. Lavina Bond is an amazing woman who has so much talent. Her novels grab the reader's attention automatically like all novels should. By reading her novels, you encounter stories that move you and have a way of getting inside you as if you are in the book. Lavina Bond is truly an outstanding person, as well as a writer.

Lavina Bond's It's Just Broken is a novel for anyone who has suffered through both the damage and salvation deep relationships can bring into life. In reality, the people we truly and powerfully love are also the only ones who can truly and powerfully hurt us. They are also often the only ones who can heal us. This book is an amazing and heart wrenching exploration of the deep and unyielding love and commitment shared by families, whether it is the family we are born with or the family we choose. I won't lie, this book is often times almost too painful to read. But I admire and support Ms. Bond in her courage to address and expose the destructive power of abuse of all kinds. Evil does exist in our world, but Ms. Bond's poetic and lyrical debut novel, It's Just Broken, is masterfully written, juxtaposing evil, with the beauty and redemption of love." ~ Elizabeth West