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A moment is never that moment. Each moment is the culmination of experience for every player before that moment. We are all beautiful, clipped-winged players of The Butterfly Effect.  

The unthinkable happened. Then we were no longer concerned about fitting in; we were only concerned about surviving. We took role every second of every day: Attendance 7.

Echoing Silence

                        by Lavina Bond

"I'm 90% creativity, the rest of me is being held together by coffee and wine." ~ Lavina Bond

Scorched, Not Broken

                        by Lavina Bond

Here Lies Celeste

                        by Lavina Bond

The worst lies are the ones you come to believe yourself, but is that truly worse than not protecting everyone you love - especially yourself?

I thought truth would set me free. Maybe in some ways it has, but what no one warns you about is with truth comes new agonies.

New hurts.  - Bilson's two years later story after It's Just Broken

Trauma almost destroyed Vie Turner, but almost only counts in hand grenades as Vie learns when she runs away to find her mother, and the greatest gift of all: herself.

Silence has a sound, and that is never more evident than when you hear the crash of everything that has gone unsaid for far too long.

Lavina Bond

Surviving Graham

                        by Lavina Bond

The bonds of sisterhood are threatened as college is about to scatter them all over the country. But they'll always have each other if they always have Thursdays & Grey's Anatomy. 


                        by Lavina Bond

It's Just Broken

                        by Lavina Bond

Thursdays & Grey's

                        by Lavina Bond

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