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Lavina Bond

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This is me. Like my characters, I have many sides, and as authentic as I am to all of facets of them, I am equally authentic to all of the facets of Lavina.

"Deciphering through the gray" - a quote from my book, It's Just Broken, but it describes me completely. Lavina pronounced La-Vine-A and means strong and beautiful. Took me a while to grow into that name, but now, like it is time for my book to discover her wings, it's time for me to as well. English teacher, my definition for fourteen years, is moving aside, and WRITER is the new black and white of defining Lavina Bond.

About me

Me and KVB                                      Kasey Vandenboom -

At the time I wanted to publish It's Just Broken I found out that I could not get the rights to the picture I had wanted for the cover. I almost gave up completely on my writing. Fortunately soon after I saw Kasey drawing in class one day. She was remarkably talented. I asked her to do the cover for It's Just Broken, and what she produced was a million times better and more authentic to the novel than what I had traditionally picked out. That was only the inception for me and Kasey. Kasey did all of the POV pictures for It's Just Broken and Here Lies Celeste as well as the covers for all five of my novels. One thing we've learned in the past year (and a couple of months) of working together is we compliment each other's art very well, and we look forward to a million more novels together!